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Gum lifting and Contouring

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Gum Lifitng and Contouring

Gum Lifting and contouring, also known as crown lengthening, is a cosmetic form of dental treatment used to improve the general look of a person’s teeth. It is basically used in cases where the individual has what is commonly known as ‘gummy smile’. Gummy Smile is a condition in which the gums cover too much of the teeth and make them look too short.

Gummy smile: Before and after treatment. * Results can vary between patients.

Before & after pictures of Gum lifting and contouring. * Results can vary between patients.

Gum lifting and contouring can solve this problem through quick and painless treatment. It is commonly done through the use of a scalpel. However, special laser devices have also been used in the gummy smile treatment. The scalpel or laser will be used to trim away at any excessive gum overlying the teeth.

This dental cosmetic procedure allows the patient to have longer, younger looking teeth and can correct the appearance of crooked teeth due to an uneven gum line, improve your smile and also your self-confidence to smile.

Gum Lifting and contouring is an easy and painless procedure, consulting our experienced OrthoSmile’s cosmetic dentist and periodontist today. We will help you decide if gum lifting and contouring will achieve the results you want.

Before & after pictures of Gum lifting and contouring done by Dr. Juthathip, our periodontist Following by IPS.emax veneers done by Dr. Ken, our cosmetic dentist and implantologist. Notice the more symmetry of the gum line and the longer and more youthful teeth appearance. * Results can vary between patients.

Gum lifting and contouring with Lasersmile™

At OrthoSmile, we uses this soft-tissue Diode laser to reshape or remove gum tissue with immediate results and an extremely fast healing time. Gum tissue can be reshaped safely and comfortably with Lasersmile™ to create a harmonious gum line in relation to the patient’s smile. Teeth that appear to be too short, creating a gummy smile, can be cosmetically lengthened by reducing the amount of undesired gum tissue.

The use of the laser in the reshaping of gum tissue eliminates the need for suturing, leading to much quicker recovery for patients.

What is laser gum contouring?

Laser gum contouring uses state of the art technology and specialised laser machines to sculpt the gum tissues. Many cosmetic dentists find the Kavo Soft tissue laser an effective laser to use while gum contouring. Laser gum contouring can effectively improve the gum tissues and mould it into shape whilst removing any excess underlying bone.

What are the benefits of laser gum contouring?

There are many benefits to having laser gum contouring treatment as described in more detail below:

  • Unlike traditional methods of gum contouring where dentists use a scalpel, laser gum contouring is completely done using state of the art effective lasers.
  • Laser gum contouring is a painless procedure
  • Laser gum contouring can help to alleviate the gummy smile
  • The treatment can significantly improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile and show more of your teeth

Can anyone have laser gum contouring?

Not everyone may be eligible for laser gum contouring as your dentist may advise you that it is not suitable for your individual dental circumstances. Your dentist may advise you of alternatives to laser gum contouring if you are not a suitable candidate. If you are a suitable candidate for laser gum contouring you may have an initial consultation with the cosmetic dentist who will plan out your laser gum contouring treatment.